• Katherine Gee

Difficult times to navigate

In these really trying and difficult times it is so important for your well being to know how to center and ground yourself. It is so easy to be swept away into the deluge of the fear and the chaos sweeping our planet.

Become mindful for even a do you do that?

  1. Pause wherever you are. Make sure you can do this in a safe place so not whilst driven your car!

  2. Look around your environment and notice what you can see. Notice in deep detail, really absorbing the colors, the textures, the details.

  3. Open up into the sense of hearing and listen absorbing all the intricacies of sound around you. Do this without judgment or labeling as pleasant or unpleasant, simply notice.

  4. Become aware of fragrance, aroma, smells.Again, simply being present with what is there.

  5. Open into your sense of taste. Is there a residual flavor left from food or drink/ Perhaps there is nothing and also notice the absence as this is also a sensation

  6. Land your awareness on your breath: no change. Be a companion to your breath and become aware of how it flows in and out of your body, riding on the sensations of your breath to anchor you.

  7. Allow any thoughts, memories, observations of the mind's yearnings and ruminations to simply flow without grasping onto any idea, notice the wave of thoughts entering and exiting and in time you may begin to notice a pause between the thoughts.

  8. If your mind is overly active and filling with fear or anxiety notice and gently with self compassion guide your attention back onto a sound or a visual anchor .

When you practice this technique you may begin to discover that there is a space where you can respond rather than react to the world around you. There is a feeling of grace that allows you to simply be centered no matter what is going on in your life.

Blessings Kate

Beach Buddha Meditation

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