Why is my meditation different or unique?

I believe it is because I am passionate about enabling others and sharing my knowledge and 25 years plus experience with both adults and children

Meditation is a practice of focusing your attention, affecting both mind and body. Many people tell me "I can't stop my thoughts so I can't meditate."  This is a misconception that when you meditate you have to stop or block your thoughts and sit in nothingness. It is more about experiencing your thoughts, sensations and experiences and allowing your focus to be on an anchor: like your breath or a sensation or a sound. It is like training any muscle in your body and yes takes time and patience...you can do it!

One on one available as well as groups regularly held in my studio and now on Zoom to access anywhere 

Meditation Techniques: 

Mindfulness, Relaxation, Body Scan, Health, Sound, Dance, Walking, Insight, Chants, Mantras, Chakras, Inner Child, Loving Kindness, Self Compassion, Spiritual. 


Other Modalities:

Reiki and Crystal and Sound balancing, Gridding and House Clearing 

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